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About Me 

So here is a bit about me.

I have been taking pictures for about 15 years now just as a hobby but have had a love of cars for as long as I can remember.

So I was sat down one evening wondering about what to do next and then I had that eureka moment! Why not merge my two loves together and create magical moments in pictures that can be treasured forever.

As a MAC member at Shelsley Walsh my love of motorsport grew stronger and stronger with every visit.

The service I offer is creating a bespoke photo book or prints of your pride and joy you can keep even if the car is long gone.

I am now a press photographer at Shelsley Walsh which is the oldest motorsport venue in the world and this has come about due to them liking my work so much. This has also lead to having the same access at Prescott and Loton Park.

In 2017 I have had my first work published in MAC news , Japanese Performance magazine, motorsport news and Allard owners club official news letter. Since then I have work published in Autosport , Mini mag , Motorsport News and also an article about myself in NPhoto magazine  

Also in the last few years I have been the official photographer for the UK team in the Hillclimb masters in Gubio , Italy and then Braga in Portugal . 

Originally from Oxford but now living in Blackheath , Birmingham and can travel to most UK destinations.

The photo’s will be taken with a Nikon SLR camera that produces brilliant pictures every time the shutter is pressed.  

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